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Watersports at Burra

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  Sumburgh Head
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  Angling on the Lochs in Shetland
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Shetland is the most northerly island group in Scotland, and home to 22,000 islanders. There are 100 islands of which 15 are inhabited, with efficient inter-island car ferries, it is easy to get around an experience the abundance of things to see and do.

Walking in Shetland is hugely rewarding with plenty of clean air. It can be as energetic or relaxing as you want it to be with beautiful beaches to stroll along and hill-top panaromic views to enjoy - it really is a walker's paradise. 

Shetland is the site of one of the largest bird colonies in the North Atlantic, home to more than a million birds. Get up close to the puffins at Sumburgh Head, they seem to love getting their picture taken! Gannets, guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes and fulmars are also in abundance here and at the Noss and Hermaness nature reserves. Archaeology is strongly in evidence throughout Shetland and places like Jarlshof, Old Scatness and Mousa Broch are internationally renowned sites.

Shetland is also a brilliant place to watch sea mammals.  Seals can be seen anytime, and from the shore you might see dolphins or porpoises chasing a shoal of fish even orcas (killer whales) are spotted occasionally. Shetland is also one of the best places in Europe for watching otters - all you have to do is get out there and be patient!

Anglers love Shetland too. There are over 365 lochs to choose among. Sea angling is also superb and local boat trips are easily booked. Golfing enthusiast will be pleased to find 3 excellent golf courses. Kayaking too is increasingly popular with "world class" cliffs and caves to see and explore. If cycling is your thing, Shetland is ideal with quiet side roads and a beautiful sea view around every bend.

Fresh local produce is what Shetland's cuisine is all about. Local shops sell Shetland produce, freshly caught fish and shellfish, locally baked bread and organic beef and lamb.  When you dine out, you know exactly from where you food has come, and our cold clear seas produce some of the finest seafood in Britain.
Children have so much to do in Shetland with 74 playparks, and no fewer than 8 indoor pools/leisure centres dotted around the isles, so whatever the weather they can always be active. Burland Croft Trail near Scalloway is a great place to visit and feed the animals. Glorious white sandy beaches are aplenty in Shetland, and children will just love the open-ness and freedom to explore while you can sit and relax!
The Shetland Islands are unique - we welcome you to Ladysmith House to find out for yourself!

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