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Bonhoga Gallery    

andrew pennill shetland croftOpened in April 1994, Bonhoga Gallery at Weisdale Mill is the first purpose-built visual and applied art gallery in Shetland and the most northerly in the UK, showing a programme of local, national and international art and craft exhibitions. It was one of the key early projects in the work of the Shetland Arts Trust and important in that it centred arts policy outwith Lerwick. Situated on the west side of Shetland, Weisdale Mill was once part of the estate of Flemington known today as Kergord.

Ten shows are held each year in the main gallery with take-away shows of art and craft in the Lower Gallery also changing ten times annually.  A short film programme is shown in the stairwell. An education and outreach programme accompanies most shows.

Burland Croft Trail    

We have been on our crofts since 1976, working and developing Burland in a traditional and environmental manner. Our main aim is to maintain native Shetland breeds of animals, poultry and crops. Our animals and poultry are very much "free range" where possible and we believe this keeps them healthy and happy, reducing the risk of disease and corresponding medical intervention. All root and grain crops are grown by using organic manure produced on the croft. This traditional land management is very much in tune with nature. We hope you enjoy exploring this site where more details of our Croft Trail experience and everything we produce can be found.



Inter Island Ferries    
andrew pennill ferryShetland Islands Council runs a network of inter-island ferries that makes it quick and easy to travel to and from the isles, with or without a vehicle and all for very reasonable fares. New ships and terminals on many routes have made it even more convenient to get around. With 190 sailings per day, it is just like hopping on a bus!    
Mousa Boat Trips    
The Mousa Boat has been operating the short ferry trip to the island of Mousa in Shetland for the last 50 years.  Their experience and knowledge on the island and the waters that surround it guarantee that it will be a trip that you’ll remember for a long time to come!    
Northlink Ferries    
Let NorthLink Ferries take you on a voyage of discovery to the islands of Orkney and Shetland.
With NorthLink Ferries, travelling to Orkney and Shetland is more convenient than ever before with nightly sailings from Aberdeen to Lerwick in Shetland - with four of these sailings going via Orkney's capital, Kirkwall. In addition, choose from up to three sailings a day from Scrabster (near Thurso) to Stromness in Orkney. 
Shetland Museum and Archive, Hay's Dock    

andrew pennill hays dockThe galleries integrate Shetland’s museum and archives collections for the first time to tell Shetland’s story through time. You will discover Shetland’s journey from its geological beginnings to circa 1800, finishing in the dramatic Boat Hall which spans both floor.  Take time to admire the boats from the viewing balcony before entering the upper gallery to discover historic Shetland.

For 24 hours, on the last Tuesday of January, the town of Lerwick goes more than a little mad. 
Burning the Galley "There will be no postponement for weather". That's a defiant boast by Shetland's biggest fire festival, considering it's held in mid-winter on the same latitude as southern Greenland. But it's true: gales, sleet and snow have never yet stopped the Up Helly Aa guizers of Lerwick from burning their Viking galley - and then dancing the dawn away.
Sea Birds and Seals Boat Trips    

andrew pennill bonxieWildlife Adventure Cruise around Noss and Bressay with experienced boatman and sea birds and seals guide.
"This is a WORLD-class cliff!" 
- Frans Lanting, National Geographic photographer, 1994.

One of the most spectacular wildlife sights on Earth is just 40 minutes from Lerwick, the Shetland capital. You won't believe how close we'll take you to the 20,000 Gannets, 25,000 Guillemots, 2,000 Kittiwakes, and hundreds of Puffins, Razorbills, Black Guillemots, Shags and Skuas at Noss National Nature Reserve. Millions of years of wind and ice eroded these ancient desert sandstones into 2km of cliffs, up to 181m high, with thousands of ledges and balconies making perfect nest sites for the seabirds. The stupendous roar of the Noss "choir" is a sound you'll never forget.The air teems with birds flying to and from the feeding grounds. Great Skuas or "Bonxies" swoop in piratical raids on nests, chicks and adults. Underwater, a colour TV camera on our tethered mini submarine can show you birds and fish gliding above the kelp forest.   

The Shetland Bus    

mhenry shetland busThis website is dedicated to all those who gave of their lives in the extremely hazardous boat trips between Shetland and Norway, to assist the Norwegian resistance movement. The conditions under which they operated, the difficulties of crossing the North Sea at night, with no lights and far from any possible help, can scarcely be imagined today. Always present in the minds of those on board would have been the threat of discovery and the risk of being shot at by German planes or boats, and possibly captured when they finally reached the Norwegian coast. 

Visit Shetland    
Welcome to Shetland. There's a different world waiting for you in Shetland: A world where wildlife is truly wild, where otters and seals play in quiet coves, and the air is full of the sound of wild birds, crowding the jagged cliffs in huge and noisy colonies. Being in Shetland is unlike being anywhere else, a fact that's evident from our unique culture, our dialect, our heritage, even our place names. Our beautiful and dramatic ice carved landscape is steeped in treasures of history that go back over 6,000 years.    


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